Kindergarten and primary school in Ostopovice - community centre of the village Foto: Archiv MŠ a ZŠ Ostopovice, Vojta Herout

Kindergarten and primary school in Ostopovice - community centre of the village

The kindergarten and primary school in Ostopovice is, in many ways, the centre of the village. 73 kindergarten children and 105 primary school pupils are educated here. However, the school is still buzzing even after the school days is over. It serves as a public playground, a natural garden, a meeting place for other organizations and for the education of adults. The campus, which has been gradually renovated since 2010, is extremely energy efficient. The microclimate in the area is also favourably influenced by the green roof on the school, which also serves as an outdoor classroom.

The Adaptation Journey

The positive impact
Among other things, two climatic issues were taken into account in the project charter for the renovation of the school building. These were the long periods of drought and rising temperatures. Low energy costs were also required. The school now serves as an example of good practice where people can not only meet but also be inspired.
How does it work?
A new building was added to the original school building intended for reconstruction. In the next stage a green roof was built on it. The 300 square meters of greenery on the building serve not only as a thermal insulation, but also as a classroom and a nice place to spend time. The building is of a low-energy standard, heated by a heat pump with underground boreholes with a depth of 100 meters. Rainwater is used on the campus to flush toilets and irrigate the garden, which saves up to 100 cubic meters of water per year.

The surrounding garden has the status of a natural garden, and it is cared for by both children from the school and the kindergarten, as well as their parents and grandparents. It is one of the shaded places in the village to spend free time. It does not serve only students - it is open to the public after 4 pm. Events are not an exception and include sleeping in sleeping bags in the school garden or screening films on the facade of the school building.

Not only companies but also volunteers from pupils to parents take part in the further development of the school and its surroundings. The locals take part in creating a place where they can feel good.

Another annexe is currently being prepared, which will provide premises for new kindergarten and primary school classrooms, an art school and also for a centre for children and their parents and other organizations.
Original state
The original school in Ostopovice was built in 1985. It was a typical school building, one which can be found on many housing estates. At the beginning of the millennium, however, the building was in a state of disrepair, and it was possible it would have to be closed. The village council decided that it would not take the easiest route of normal reconstruction. Instead, they started a project, going for a modern complex, which would be economical to run and which would serve as a community centre for the entire municipality.
Operation and maintenance
The annual school's budget for energy consumption is approximately 230 thousand crowns. Regular repairs, maintenance and revisions cost around 250 thousand crowns every year.
Why was the measure chosen?
The place and purpose of the building was given. The main decision made by the municipality's management was the requirements for the economic operation of the new building and the nature of its use - instead of a closed campus, they wanted to gradually build a community centre in Ostopovice.
Obstacles and challenges
Not all residents and representatives of the village were convinced that the chosen path was the right one. These measures were, mainly at the beginning, perceived by some people as restrictive, problematic and expensive.

In order for the campus to maintain its appearance and character, adding of all the new elements and major modifications is still being discussed with the authors of the original design.
How much did it cost?
The municipality calculated the total costs at approximately 43 million crowns. The municipality is still paying off the amount. The project was divided into stages for easier financing.

The project was funded by subsidies, by the municipality’s own resources and loans. First, the municipality managed to get a subsidy from the Operational Program Environment for the thermal insulation of the building. In the following years, the school received a grant from the European Regional Development Fund to complete the interior of the building, the garden and the construction of the green roof, plus funds from the Ministry of the Environment for an outside classroom in the garden.

The return of the investment was not quantified, the municipality's management were more concerned with the effectiveness and function of the new campus. The expected lifespan of the project is 50 years. CO2 savings of approximately 32 tonnes per year and energy savings of 583 gigajoules per year are expected.

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