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The Libchavy ACADEMY Foto: The Libchavy ACADEMY

The Libchavy ACADEMY

The Libchavy ACADEMY training centre does not look like other educational centres. The whole complex is built in a creative way in harmony with nature. At first glance, the wooden log cabins with green roofs will catch your attention. The wooden buildings are accompanied by a building made of straw and clay. All buildings were created intuitively. You can find offices and a kitchen here as well as accommodation. The main criteria were the flow of light and energy so that each visitor could relax and open up to their personal development. Among other things, the owners focused on low energy consumption and long life of the buildings.

The Adaptation Journey

The positive impact
The Libchavy ACADEMY is a training centre where people from all over the Czech Republic and people from other European countries are educated in the field of self-development. The intention behind the academy was to build the whole complex in harmony with nature, low energy consumption, longevity and a positive impact on the human mental health. The place provides inspiration for construction of buildings made of natural materials and wooden buildings with green roofs.
How does it work?
The complex with an area of 1.5 hectares consists of wooden buildings with roofs planted with drought tolerant plants. Three octagonal log cabins serve as offices for employees. There is also a large log cabin, which serves as the main training building and is surrounded by several small log cabins where the participants can work in groups and relax. There is also a dance hall with glass walls and a building that was the only one rebuilt from the original pigsty to a dining room with bedrooms there, as well as a straw and clay house with apartments. This helps naturally balance temperatures and humidity in the building.

Thanks to the green roofs created on all buildings and large permeable green areas, water is retained in the area, the interiors of the buildings and the surrounding environment are cooled. The academy thus successfully responds to rising temperatures and drought in the surrounding landscape.
Original state
Originally there was a destroyed farm building on the site where the training centre is now located.
How much did it cost?
The total cost for the construction of the training centre reached approximately 42 million CZK (1,599,662 EUR), of which 34 million (1,294,965 EUR) were funded by the family’s own funds and 8 million (304,697 EUR) came from the Czechinvest subsidy for training facilities. The expected return on investment is 15 years and the life time is 100 years.

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Horní Libchavy 127, Czech Rebublic
2009 – 2019
Zdeněk Štěpánek (idea), Daniel Vlček, Saša Kozák, Ondřej Klouček (architects, designers)
Local companies, Sruby Pacák
Akademie Libchavy s.r.o.
Denisa Štěpánková
„The Libchavy Academy is primarily a work environment - a training centre. But its character immediately attracts attention. Natural materials and low-energy solutions were used whenever it was possible. Combined with the beautiful nature around, it is an interesting example that promotes a similar approach to the many people who come here. “
Ing. Michael Hošek
Expert guarantor of the competition

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