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Wetland roofs and facades at LIKO-Noe offices

Building of the future. That is what the LIKO-Noe office building in Slavkov u Brna is often called. Do you ask why?

LIKO-S built the building in a record 27 days. It is not a concrete cube as you might expect but a low-energy wooden building with a complex shape which immediately attracts attention with its unusual appearance. The entire facade is also covered by plants, a retention pond is connected to the patio of the building and the building uses renewable energy sources. The concept of the building perfectly connects the interior with the surrounding nature. At the same time, the building is very functional and creates a pleasant environment for the company's employees.

The Adaptation Journey

The positive impact
The goal of the LIKO-S company was to create an inspiring place that will show that it is possible to build buildings that have a positive effect on their surroundings. Buildings that are in harmony with nature, independent of external sources, but at the same time can perform the required functions very well. LIKO-Noe retains water in green facades and a retention tank. As a result, it fights rising temperatures and the emergence of a heat island. At the same time, it uses only renewable energy sources for operation.
How does it work?
The LIKO-Noe office building is the development center of LIKO-S, a production and construction company based in Slavkov u Brna. It consists of two parts - an office building with an area of around 180 square meters and a concrete acoustic chamber with an area of 50 square meters connected by a corridor.

The roof and the facade of the building are partly covered by plants that make up an area of 350 square meters. This means that the size of green space increased by approximately 120 square meters after the construction of the LIKO-Noe building.

Wetland facade and roof

The roof of the concrete acoustic chamber and one of the outer walls of the building are covered with plant species that are able to purify the wastewater generated during operation. The wetland roof and facade cover an area of 80 square meters. The purified water is controlled in the water tank. If it meets the hygienic requirements, LIKO-S uses it for irrigation, flushing toilets or for supplying the retention pond surrounding the patio of the building. The area of the lake is 440 square meters. Both the green facade and the water surface contribute to the development of biodiversity and maintain a pleasant microclimate around the building.

The system also cools the surface of the building. In summer, the surrounding roofs have a surface temperature of up to 70 degrees Celsius. The surface of the Liko-Noe roof has a lower temperature than the surrounding air. For example, it the temperature of the surrounding are reaches 28 degrees, the roof surface of the LIKO-Noe reaches only 24 degrees Celsius.

Natural thermal stabilization

The use of energy in the building follows the concept of natural thermal stabilization. This means that the building uses only natural sources of energy. The Sun, wind, the Earth, trees and the orientation of the building produce the heat as well as cool the building down. The main energy source is a heat pump and its primary energy source is a ground collector. At the same time, a solar system is used as well. Eight solar collectors are facing south. They also obtain solar energy reflected by the water surface.
Operation and maintenance
The water consumption is reduced by approximately 50 percent compared to a standard solution.
Why was the measure chosen?
The company's goal was to create an aesthetic surface of the roof and the facade which is also fully functional - it cools the surroundings, cleans the water and provides a good environment for insect. The company succeeded. The building is located in an industrial area where it forms a green oasis.

LIKO-S used the alternative solutions in the implementation of the living production hall called LIKO-Vo.
How much did it cost?
The total cost of the construction of the LIKO-Noe building reached CZK 1 million (EUR 37,000). No subsidies or grants were used, the entire amount was provided by the company that also ownes the building.

The system is not installed because of economic return, but because of respect for the environment and cooling of the building.

The expected life of the investment is 40 years.

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Slavkov u Brna, Czech Republic
prof.Ing.arch.Zdeněk Fránek, Dana Nováková, Ing.Libor Musil (LIKO-S), Michal Šperling (Koř
LIKO-S, a.s., Koř
LIKO-S, a.s.
Michal Šperling

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