Get to know trees with Tree Check App

Check up on trees, look after them and create your own tree collection. Using the Tree Check smart application, you can help to cool down our cities. At the same time, you can learn something and have fun whilst you’re at it.

Catch trees like Pokémon

Who can collect more trees? Recognize a specific type of plant from a mere photograph. Find out how much water it evaporates, what shadow it provides and how much it cools a hot street down. Create your tree collection and earn rewards by watering your trees.

What does it do?

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the app recognizes tree species using a mere photo of a tree. It works on the principle of a 3D scanner using the built-in camera on your phone. Based on the pinpoints captured in the photo, AI measures the circumference of the tree trunk and determines its characteristic features, such as the size of the crown and the area of the leaves. As a result, the application will tell you how much water the tree evaporates.

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