Calculate the cooling function of urban greenery

It is now easier to plan how to cool overheated cities during the summer heat waves. With the Tree Check PRO software you can model the effect of planting trees, or on the contrary the loss of trees or lawns, on the apparent temperature in a specific location.

How does the Tree Check PRO work?

Tree Check PRO is an on-line programme based on map data, greenery inventory and information about trees taken from the Check Trees (Stromy pod kontrolou) portal. Users can search for specific trees, shrubs or green areas and find out how they contributed to the cooling of the site on hot days (above 25 ° C). At the same time, it can be used to design new public spaces and try different variants of the project.

Find out where and which trees will help the most

The advantage of this software is that it can calculate the cooling function of trees over time. It takes into consideration the gradual growth of the trees and strengthening of the benefits, ie. the larger the crown, the greater the evaporation and cooling. Thanks to this, the software can effectively evaluate the expected impact of the planned investments on the microclimate in the city. The model offers the calculation of cooling capacity and its value for money in the horizon of 3, 5 and 20 years.

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