Tree Check App smart application

We offer you the opportunity to help cool down our cities and at the same time learn something and have fun while you’re at it. All thanks to the Tree Check App smart application.

To be introduced in 2021

What’s it about?

Who can collect more trees? Hunt trees like Pokémon. Recognize a specific type of plant from a mere photograph. Find out how much water it evaporates, what shadow it provides and how much it cools a hot street down. Create your own herbarium and earn rewards by watering your trees.

Coming soon in the Tree Check App.

How does it work?

Artificial intelligence will enable each of you to identify:

The exact location and type of tree.

The diameter of the trunk and estimated age.

The condition of the tree and how you can help it.


It will let you see just what contribution a certain tree makes to the inhabitants of the city and the microclimate in the surroundings:

The amount of ervaporated water.

The degree of cooling of the surroundings during heat waves.

The size of the leaf area and the shadow it provides.

What does it look like?

What does it do?

The application works on the principle of a 3D scanner by using the camera built into your phone. The diameter of the trunk is measured and the characteristics of the tree identified as you circle it with your phone.

Why should you try TreeCheck App?

Recognize the type of tree from a simple photograph.

Put together a beautiful online herbarium from the trees you visit.

It will help you take care of the trees.


By marking trees, you let the towns and cities know which trees you care about.

The application is unique for being able to model the cooling effect of trees in the conditions of Central Europe.

We are also preparing various game elements that will entertain you not only when travelling.

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