Landscape for 2030

Landscape Institute 9. 6. 2021

Landscape for 2030

How landscape practice can respond to the climate crisis

In June 2019, the Landscape Institute Board of Trustees declared a climate and biological diversity emergency. In its public statement, the LI committed to take real, tangible action, and promised to equip our members to tackle and adapt to these twin emergencies.

This publication is one of the commitments the institute made in its Climate and Biodiversity Action Plan. It is an update of its 2008 Climate Change position statement, and seeks to further establish the landscape profession as leaders in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss, as well as provide more best practice examples for the sector to follow.

The new case studies in this paper demonstrate the measures needed to create climate resilient, low-carbon places at all scales, from public squares to eco-parks. The aim is to show stakeholders and governments at all levels the critical, central role that the landscape profession has to play in the delivery of climate change policy.

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