Nerea Martí Sesarino
Nerea Martí Sesarino

Karin Kernerová 10. 5. 2022

Brochure for councillors: So the city doesn't burn – Planning at the city level

The brochure offers concise and comprehensible educational material that will help to make the development of the city more conscious and effective in times of climate crisis and to reduce the effect of the city's heat island through the implementation of green infrastructure.

AUTHORS: Karpatský rozvojový inštitút: Pavol Stano, Andrej Šteiner, Anna Dobrucká, Zuzana Hudeková, Nadace Partnerství: Magda Maceková, Martin Nawrath Ekotoxa: Jan Blažek, Michaela Koucká CzechGlobe: Tomáš Baďura, Helena Duchková, Eva Horváthová, Lenka Suchá, Jan Urban, Davina Vačkářová

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