Covenant of Mayors
Covenant of Mayors

Covenant of Mayors 6. 1. 2021

Adapting to climate change in European cities

Towards smarter, swifter & more systemic action

The new EU Strategy and this historical juncture - presenting an opportunity to ‘build back better’ - make this a timely moment to consider where local and regional governments should best direct their efforts for a more resilient future. In this context, this publication is designed for decision-makers and technical staff working on climate change adaptation and resilience in local and regional governments.

Divided into 4 main chapters - The EU policy landscape (1), Smarter adaptation: improving knowledge and managing uncertainty (2), More systemic adaptation: support policy development at all levels and sectors (3), Faster adaptation: Speeding up adaptation across the board 5.1 Mission on “Adaptation to Climate Change (4), this publication complements existing resources, methodologies and case studies published by the Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office to support local and regional governments implementing climate adaptation in Europe.

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Join the people who know how to prepare our homes, cities, and landscapes for climate change.

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