Meadow orchard of Hartmann, illustration photo by the Czech Environmental Partnership FoundationMeadow orchard of Hartmann, illustration photo by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation

David Kopecký  10. 2. 2021

Green is winning 17 projects for its Green Oasis

Already the sixth year of the Green Oasis grant program in the Czech Republic, which supports more greenery and water features in cities and towns, knows its winners. This time, the commission chose from more than a hundred projects from all over the country. In the end, it picked out 17 of them. They will receive financial support from the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation and the MOL Czech Republic. Partners will distribute over 1.4 million Czech crowns.

Among the successful applicants were, for example, the Montessori school in Brno-Komín, the community garden in Chlum near Třeboň, and ČSOP Studénka with the Petřvald Farm. An overview of all supported projects is offered in the Czech language by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation website.

A piece of nature to the city

People submitted a total of 102 applications for more than 9.5 million Czech crowns. The Partnership Foundation commission decides to support the 17 best projects in the amount of 1,441 thousand crowns.

A total of three-quarters of applicants were schools, municipalities, and local associations. People from Central Bohemia, South Moravia, and Roudnice nad Labem were the most successful. We supported two church projects for almost 200,000 crowns in that place: the Ecocentre of the Bell Tower and the New Garden with a View.

“Due to the enormous interest, the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation plans to triple grant money this year. Another opportunity will be open to people at the beginning of March. The 'Planting for the Future' grant program will traditionally support the planting and care of trees.”

Petr Kazda, Director of the Partnership Foundation

Illustration photo by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation

The expert commission assessed, for example, the degree of public involvement or the correct composition of the plants. Successful applicants will be able to start work this spring and will complete their plans this autumn. Despite last year's pandemic, thousands of people took part in last year's projects, planting 339 trees, 1,549 shrubs, and 2,645 perennials.

“Despite the coronary crisis, the Green Oasis grant program still enjoys great interest, this year even the largest in recent years. We are pleased about that. All regions of the Czech Republic are involved. The quality of the submitted projects is very high, the processing is creative, so it is not easy to choose the best ones.”

Richard Austen, CEO of MOL Czech Republic

The MOL Czech Republic has been financially supporting the Green Oasis for six years now.


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