Photo: L. Tyl; UM Rybnik; Treegator
Photo: L. Tyl; UM Rybnik; Treegator

Marta Tokarska  7. 10. 2019

Watering straight from the bag

Almost 400 irrigation bags, called treegators, irrigate roadside trees in the Rybnik city. The water accumulated in the bag wrapping the tree is gradually released into the soil where roots of the plant develop. The idea was used for the first time in Rybnik in 2018 and is being continued.

A single bag has more than 50 litres of capacity and the water collected in it is released during about 8 hours, thanks to which it can irrigate the tree deeply to the roots. Such watering is enough for about 5-7 days. The fabric of the bag has a UV stabilizer to withstand sun exposure. These kinds of bags are reusable with durability determined even for several years. The cost of nearly 400 irrigation bags in Rybnik was around 42,7 thousand PLN.

Photo: L. Tyl; UM Rybnik; Treegator
Photo: L. Tyl; UM Rybnik; Treegator

It is worth remembering that roadside trees, especially those recently planted, are particularly exposed to unfavourable external factors - drought, excessive heat provided by nearby asphalt or concrete surfaces and a small amount of soil. The irrigation bag makes the tree roots have constant and regular access to the right amount of life-giving water. Moreover, such method significantly reduces the water loss caused by evaporation.

This is a good example of action showing how to enhance greenery in the city saving water resources at the same time.

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