Photo: Guerelfrische West, © artvan - kurt van der vloedt
Photo: Guerelfrische West, © artvan - kurt van der vloedt

Jana Bařinková  12. 8. 2020

Transforming a Road into a Green and Blue Oasis in Vienna

There used to be just a hot road full of cars in the centre of Vienna just a couple of days ago, now Viennese can cool off in a swimming pool, have a picnic, watch a dance performance or simply relax. This temporary green and blue oasis in public space will be there for Viennese to enjoy until the end of August.

Within a few days at the beginning of August a seven-lane crossroads in Vienna was transformed into a green oasis with a swimming pool, a stage, greenery and a space for relaxation. The project called Gürtelfrische WEST connects the 15th and 7th district and was promoted by the Green Deputy Mayor of Vienna Birgit Hebein.

“The Vienna belt should not divide the city, but rather unite it. The Gürtelfrische West shows how quickly a public space can change and become a meeting place for all generations.”

Birgit Hebein, the Green Deputy Mayor of Vienna

The Vienna council created the Gürtelfrische WEST with the aim of making a pleasant space for recreation and cooling off in the warmest weeks of the year. In addition, the city provides its citizens with free cultural and leisure activities directly in the city, without having to travel far for these activities in the current situation in the world. The green belt includes a dance floor with various uses like dancing and small concerts, DJs and readings for children. During the day, the stage offers a place where people can lie down or have a picnic.

Gürtelfrische WEST is, in a way, a visionary project because it responds to the effects of climate change by dividing traffic and public space. It is a good inspiration for other cities how to transform public space and to be more pleasant for people to live.

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More information at Guertelfrische West website.

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