Tree habitat improvement – AIR spade technology
Tree habitat improvement – AIR spade technology

Magdaléna Maceková  18. 5. 2020

Soil Conditions for Trees Are Being Improved in Brno

Next year, the long-planned reconstruction of the park in the Moravian square (Moravské náměstí) in Brno should take place. Experienced arborists, led by David Hora from Treewalker, are already starting to prepare the trees to handle future construction work.

Trees in the urban environment suffer from pollution and compacted soil. The trees might not be able to survive any additional environmental burden, such as the reconstruction of the square. And that is why in Brno they have started an innovative improvement of their soil conditions on time.

What does such an improvement look like?

It is a unique technology where soil conditions are improved by exchanging soil around the roots. To prevent damage to the roots, the existing compacted soil is blown out with a compressor. Surprisingly, for better tree growth, the existing soil is replaced by a layer of gravel that contains some organic matter. In order for the tree to start growing better, a hydrogel is added, which can retain moisture in the soil for a much longer time.

Long live full-grown trees

The approach of the Brno-Centre district in the case of this widely used park is exemplary - both regarding the announcement of the architectural competition and the effort to preserve as many old trees as possible in the central part of the city. In an effort to reduce the accumulation of heat in the city, the so-called urban heat island, it is the old trees that are the most important.

You can look forward to a documentary about interesting procedures in the care of green spaces by director Ivan Stříteský next year, in which you will also learn about the Moravian square. Filming began on 6th May this year.

The design for the reconstruction of the park in the Moravian square was created based on the 2016 architectural competition won by architects Jana Šipulová and Martin Sládek. Garden architect Klára Zahradníčková is in charge of the green space solution.

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