Dr. Gábor Erőss - new, left, green
Dr. Gábor Erőss - new, left, green

Nóra Tokodi  11. 5. 2021

Shade, plants, benches, fan – this helps those traveling in the heat

It has long been a serious problem in the districts of Budapest that people cannot refresh in the summer between the many paving stones and concrete, which is why it has created cooling points in the capital, Blaha Lujza Square and the Town Hall Park due to the great heat.

Within the framework of the Cooling Budapest campaign, the capital city municipality opens and operates so-called cooling islands in the busy places of the city together with the FŐKERT. As part of the program, 14 new stainless drinking wells have been handed over at the M3 metro stops, and dozens of drinking wells will be installed in the city in the future. In addition to the public wells, we also find dog drinkers.

The city was the first to set up a Cooling Island on Blaha Lujza Square. Here, solar-powered fans and plants help make the heat more bearable. The atmosphere is also greatly enhanced by the abundance of plants in the long barren gloomy square.


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