Rotterdam encourages residents to disrupt paving and plant flowers

Andrea Křivánková, Municipality of Rotterdam  5. 6. 2020

Rotterdam encourages residents to disrupt paving and plant flowers

In Central Europe, it seems like sci-fi. But it wouldn't have to be, would it? Watch a video from the Netherlands on how to plant flowers in the city.

Residents of Rotterdam can now beautify and make the streets where they spend their time more pleasant. What about to suggest this to our municipalities?

How to create your own facade garden

Whoever understands Dutch, you have an advantage. The video is commented on in this language. But be sure to check it out, even if you don't have the ability. It is wonderfully illustrative and practical.

Tile out

“You do not need permission from the municipality for the construction of a facade garden, but there are rules. First, check whether there is space available for your home to create a façade garden. To keep the pavement easily accessible to everyone, at least 1.80m of the pavement must remain. Then remove a maximum of one and a half pavement tiles. Place the entire tiles upright in the ground to create a border. If necessary, use the half tiles to fill in the gaps between the edge and the pavement. Shovel the sand up to a maximum of 30 centimeters (that is one sidewalk tile) deep. Then fill the hole with fertilized garden soil.

If there are cables and pipes, you can layout the garden with stacking blocks. Leave street signs visible and think of keeping the ventilation grids of your home open. Of course, you can also choose to place plants in containers.”

Municipality of Rotterdam

Green in it

“Think carefully about which plants you want to use. Not all plants are equally suitable for a facade garden. In any case, do not use plants that grow into large shrubs or trees. The roots of these plants also become very large and can cause problems for the pipes. You can enjoy perennials for years and there are also plants that attract butterflies or bees. You may not install a fence around the façade garden.

On the label of the plants, you can see how big they grow and whether they are suitable for a sunny spot or the shade. Is the soil dry or just wet? These are factors to consider when choosing your plant. ”

Municipality of Rotterdam

Work together on a greener street

“Try to involve your neighbors in the construction of your façade garden. Perhaps you can inspire or encourage them to also get started with greenery in the street. A very green street is of course more beautiful than one facade garden.”

Municipality of Rotterdam

More information on the Rotterdame city website.


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