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Jana Šťastná  2. 2. 2021

Take care of the trees even in winter

Caring for trees is just as important as planting them, even in winter. If the temperature fluctuates significantly between day and night, the trees must be protected against frost cracks.

Frost cracks are caused by extreme stress, as a result of temperatures differing by tens of degrees. Both on the surface and inside the tree. These open wounds appear mainly on the sunny southern and southwestern side of the trees and attract fungi and various pests. All timber species are endangered by this phenomenon. But most of all are young trees and freshly planted ones.

What will help?

✔ White paint - the best is probably the professional Arboflex, but the usual white paint for trunks will also help.

✔ Bundle up the trunk with jute or reed or bamboo mats. But this has two disadvantages. First, moisture keeps under the cover, which suits fungi and other pathogens. And second, the mats are attached to the tree with a wire that can strangle the tree without regular inspection.


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