Paweł Binkiewicz  9. 3. 2020

“52 places to go in 2020” by New York Times. Why also Cracow?

Maybe it's not so surprising that also Cracow is in the New York Times list of top places 2020. A pleasant surprise is the reason for the placing of the city.

This year the Polish city has been ranked in 14th place – quite good and much higher than the Bahamas, Copenhagen, Asturia in Spain, and Paris. However, it worths to write a bit about the given reasons.

Cracow is one of the most famous places of Polish heritage. It is well known as a historical city with an impressive medieval town center as well as a place with a rich culture, great Jewish history, and high-quality education. But this year one more argument has been added – city greenery implemented as an integral part of the city structure.

NYT describes the city as a city with a rich past that focuses on new parks and curbing pollution. It seems that a citizen-friendly environment (with the essential meaning of greenery) starts to be at least equal to the city's impressive history, rich culture, and quality education. A significant sign of our times!

More information at New York Times website

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