Literally greener telephone tower in Zsombó

Nóra Tokodi  20. 1. 2020

Literally greener telephone tower in Zsombó

In the middle of the Zsombó settlement, the Zsombó Association aimed to park the surroundings of the telephone tower, which was a strange building, and to transform it into a community space. It was realized with the cooperation of the community.

The design and function of the space were developed through community planning. After landscaping (hills), the village community planted trees, shrubs, perennial flowers and irrigated them. They planted more than 800 plants in total.

The new park is complemented by artificial granite sundial, which was made by a local craftsman through volunteer work, based on the plans of an astronomer from Zsombó.

To sum up, the community of Zombó owns a 1500 meter square park, which was planted by hand. In addition to the amount of support, there was a lot of public offerings. So a total of 50 trees were planted with 400 shrubs and 350 perennial flowers. In addition to the donations, a large number of volunteers participated in the implementation, with nearly 50 people actively participating.

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