The City of KadaňThe City of Kadaň

Martina Heroldová, Aktuálně.cz  8. 9. 2020

Kadaň shows that even the landscape after coal mining can adapt to the climate

Even a landscape degraded by opencast coal mining and acid rain can reduce the effects of climate change. Kadaň in northwestern Bohemia, surrounded by mines and two coal-fired power plants, has invested in flowery meadows, trees and rainwater, and thus sets an example in sustainable access to water and public space.

“Since the 1960s, the landscape between Chomutov and Kadaň has been completely degraded. The water from the streams flowed into the feeders, the natural path of the streams was interrupted, the landscape was not flooded as much as it should have been. There was a polluting sulfur dioxide, which, in combination with water, chemically formed sulfurous acid, so that in the 1980s there were acid rains falling on the forests around, completely destroying the trees that were planted there.”

Jiří Kulhánek, mayor of Kadaň

When mining ends, the land becomes the town’s property and the town gradually reclaims the landscape.

“Gradually, we are trying to restore wetlands, ponds, so that there is a free landscape and wildlife in it, also for people to go there for example for recreation.”

Jiří Kulhánek, mayor of Kadaň

Reclamation work is currently underway at the mines in Tušimice, where Dragon Lake should be built in the future. Filling it with water from the Ohře River should take approximately seven years.

Photo by Severočeské doly

The town is also waiting for the revitalization of the city forest park according to the design of landscape architect Klára Salzmann, it will expand the wetlands, ponds and existing lakes. The Kadaň brook, which flows through the park, will return to the original riverbed. The original cascade, mill drive or well should also be restored, and flower beds, a gazebo and roofed seating will also be built. In the future, a community garden should grow on the unused area behind the tennis courts.

Kadaň is also trying to expand the green areas in the city. In the last ten years, it has planted more than two thousand trees from both thanks to its own funding and subsidy programmes of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic or ČEZ.

More drinking fountains in the town are being built, other water elements and flower meadows are expanding. Trees are planted around roads and sidewalks. Greenery and water have also returned to the town walls. There are plans to use rainwater at the 3rd primary school, to create a green wall at the fire station or to create infiltration car parks.

The City of Kadaň

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