Pears and Currants in the City

Paweł Binkiewicz  9. 12. 2019

Pears and Currants in the City

Włocławek is a city located in central Poland along the Vistula River, with more than 100 thousand citizens. This year, city officials of this city had had an original idea for planting plants. Fruit and fruit shrubs, for example, pears, cherries, wild apple trees, elderberries, currants, and gooseberries, appeared in the city areas located near the Vistula river.

Plantings of crop plants in urban areas seem to be a new trend in Polish cities. Old fruit tree varieties bloom impressively in spring, but they also efficiently cope with difficult urban conditions and progressive climate change. The new factor starts to be more often taken into account by decision-makers.

In total, city officers planted 350 plants on green areas around the Vistula River in 2019.

More information in Polish.

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