Community planting of the Apple Garden Museum Kořenec, the Czech Republic.Community planting of the Apple Garden Museum Kořenec, the Czech Republic.

Andrea Křivánková  17. 3. 2020

69 of Green Oases grew up in 2019

Community projects are the key point of community engagement of broad public into the adaptation and so-called Urban Heat Island issue. The involvement of people in concrete green-blue infrastructure building and aftercare is a much more effective way of awareness raising than simply telling the importance of nature-based measures to adapt settlements to climate change. Therefore, we´ve supported 69 community tree planting projects in 2019. Almost 4000 of people participated.

Living Garden - Surprise, play and discovery in Raduň, the Czech Republic

Applications were submitted by municipalities, associations, non-profit organizations, church charges, and primary and nursery schools in the Czech Republic.

We have supported 49 events. A total of 2784 people participated. They planted 1840 trees, 1493 shrubs, and 4879 herbs. Projects also included the purchase of work material, and the creation of additional services such as compost, walkways, play elements, et cetera.

Garden near Studánka in Žďár nad Sázavou, the Czech Republic

In Hungary we have supported 20 community plantings in 2019. We supported the planting of 1210 trees, 5775 shrubs and flowers. In total of 1065 volunteers participated.

Planting trees in Hungary.

Firefighters and children help water the planted trees, Hungary.

In Slovakia and Poland partners of LIFE Tree Check project are not grant awarding institutions. Therefore, we joined forces and further strengthened the advisory, promotional and good practice component.

The concrete result is the Morizukuri challenge implemented by a socially responsible Toyota company, which operates in the pilot city of Walbrzych. 100 trees were planted with the participation of more than 50 volunteers.

Moreover, we have received tips for a total of 6 nominations of Polish examples of good practice for the Adapterra Awards, and the Polish Rain Garden Project in Gdańsk has become an international example of good practice due to a balance between project expertise and public participation.

Rain Gardens as a Way of Adapting Cities to Climate Change, Gdańsk, Poland.

In Slovakia, our partners from the Environmental Partnership Association supported 23 community green infrastructure projects in 2019 and 10 projects for adaptation solutions under the Water Initiative.

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