Photo: The City of Łódź Office Photo: The City of Łódź Office

Marta Tokarska  24. 5. 2021

150 ha of new forests in the city? A forest expansion plan has been developed in Łódź

The authorities of Łódź (Poland) will afforest 150 hectares of land. They will plant approximately 150 thousand new trees. Thanks to this, the area of forests in the city will increase by 10%.

Forests are crucial for climate protection against the effects of its negative changes. That is why Łódź has implemented a forest expansion plan. It will help increase the forest area in the city both at municipal plots and private plots that the city intends to buy from owners.

“We have already chosen the real estates where we want to create new forests. Currently, we want to write a program, secure financing, discuss our plans with residents, and start planting trees. I think we will start this year.”

Maciej Riemer, director of the Department of Ecology and Climate at UMŁ

Photo: The City of Łódź Office

The city hall also plans to create new park areas. So far, the authorities have selected 5 locations with an area of 65 hectares. Thanks to the forests and parks, green areas in Łódź will increase in total by 200 ha.

More information on the website of the City of Łódź Office.

Photo: The City of Łódź Office


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