Komplex Dolní VÍTKOVICE, Photo: Urbanscapes Ostrava 2019, Jiří Zerzoň
Komplex Dolní VÍTKOVICE, Photo: Urbanscapes Ostrava 2019, Jiří Zerzoň

Czech Landscape and Garden Society 30. 9. 2019

URBANSCAPES Ostrava 2019

Industrial urbanscapes: Challenges and the Future

Come to the International Conference on landscape architecture and development of industrial urban landscapes organized by the Civic Association Czech Landscape and Garden Society and the Czech Association for Landscape Architecture. One of the speakers is Petr Birklen, Chief Executive Officer of Ekotoxa, partner of the LIFE Tree Check project. Mr. Birklen is going to introduce The city Ostrava and its Future.

URBANSCAPES Ostrava 2019
9.10.2019 — 10.10.2019
Komplex Dolní VÍTKOVICE, Ruská 2993, Ostrava, Czech Republic
110 – 260 €
200 – 300 people

Challenges associated with industrial city areas redevelopment:
What is the livable industrial city landscape of the future?
What are the opportunities and threads?
What are the driving forces behind the changes in our landscape?
What are the benefits of landscape led solutions with integrated and holistic approach to industrial urbanscapes?

The next landscape as our daily living environment, health, quality of life
Perception and impact of the public space
Multidisciplinarity, regional and crossborder cooperation
River landscape trasnformation as a basis for city change
Potentials of urban jungle in mitigation of the climate change impact
Climate change and the city – heat islands, rain water management, pollution reducing
Blue and green infrastructure as a base of urban planning

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