Ecocity World Summit 2021

Paweł Binkiewicz 25. 5. 2021

Ecocity World Summit 2021

How to improve the current vision of cities and how to ensure their sustainable development in harmony with nature? These are the topics discussed at the international Ecocity conference.

Ecocity 2021 is the 14th edition of the Ecocity World Summit. The event aims to promote the deliberate reconstruction of human civilization in such a way that it exists in balance with the living systems accompanying our development. The conference is organized by the non-profit organization Ecocity Builders from California, USA.

Ecocity World Summit is currently the longest-lasting conference devoted to sustainable urban development. It was first held in Berkeley, California in 1990, and since then has also been held in Australia, Senegal, Brazil, China, India, the USA, Turkey, Canada, France, and the United Arab Emirates.

The 14th edition of Ecocity includes a wide range of study sessions and discussions, as well as hands-on workshops and field trips around Rotterdam.

Date - September 27-28, 2021 - Rotterdam, September 29-30, 2021 - online

Application form:

Ecocity World Summit 2021
27-30/9 — 8:30am-7pm
Stationary (Rotterdam) / online
195-750 EUR

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Join the people who know how to prepare our homes, cities, and landscapes for climate change.

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