RNDr. Andrej Šteiner, PhD.

Karpatský rozvojový inštitút


Integrating environmental challenges into high-quality governance processes at local and regional levels

“Partnership in the LIFE Tree Check project fits very well into our work as the project seeks optimal responses to the solution of the so-called urban heat islands as one of the biggest present and future problems of cities. Professional cooperation between V4 countries enriches this process and gives the possibility to solve it in the Central European context.”

RNDr. Andrej Šteiner, PhD.

Education and professional experience

Andrej is a geophysicist. Since the beginning of the 1990s, he has been integrating environmental challenges into high-quality governance processes, especially at local and regional levels. In 2004, he founded the Carpathian Development Institute in Košice, which he still leads as a director.


In the last ten years, the Institute has been researching the impacts of climate change on the development of the residential environment as the first one in Slovakia. It applies knowledge in the creation of the national legislative-strategic environment, as well as in specific localities in Slovakia and abroad.


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