The revitalized Stará Ponávka riverbed and the created public park are directly connected to the Svatopetrská complex.

Andrea Křivánková  10. 6. 2020

The symbiosis of public and private has brought people a green oasis

The sun is leaning against the hot pavement, surrounding buildings are giving off heat, and the heavy air won't move. It's similar inside the house, the sun burns in the windows, and attempts at ventilation bring the same result as when you open a hot oven. This is how most of us feel on a hot summer day in the city. But the solution exists.

Just return the trees to the streets and build ecologically, however, preferably both together. And that this is possible is shown by two parallel projects in the south of Brno - the reconstruction of the brownfield into a sustainable Svatopetrská area and the transformation of the inaccessible Stará Ponávka riverbed into a public park.

Between 2017 and 2019, a modern multifunctional set of buildings in a passive standard was built on the site of the neglected 1.5-hectare Svatopetrská complex in Brno-Komárov. It offers housing, job opportunities, and relaxation on a total usable area of ​​6,500 square meters. Top-in company and Veronica Foundation, which funded the project, also included several adaptation measures to climate change, such as water management, permeable surfaces, and green roofs. Although these are all high-quality and necessary solutions, a unique building in the middle of the whole city would not save the situation. However, this is not the case of the Svatopetrská area.

The Svatopetrská complex provides space in the countryside for its companies and for the general public.

The most valuable benefit of the revitalized is the direct connection to the new public park Stará Ponávka. It was officially opened in May 2020. The investor of the park was the City of Brno through its contributory organization Public Greenery of Brno. It was the interconnection of the private-public sectors that brought thousands of users of the complex and the inhabitants of the surrounding blocks of flats a new cooling oasis in the previously very overheated area.

All investors from the Svatopetrská and Stará Ponávka have been cooperating purposefully from the very beginning to find the ideal solution that will improve the quality of life in the given locality. After the revitalization, the former brownfield became much more part of the city, and an attractive location not only for the companies operating in it and their employees. Making Ponávka accessible made it possible to build sitting under trees along the river and a cycle path that leads directly through the complex. The public waterfront has thus become an integral part of the complex.

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