Nóra Tokodi  17. 12. 2019

New trees and shrubs in the edible garden in Kétsoprony

As a part of the tender program, 44 native fruit trees and 80 shrubs were planted on the plot of the PONT MI Public Benefit Association. Plums, pears, cherries, apricots, and 6 apple trees took possession of the yard. Among the shrubs were sloe, wild rose, gooseberry, and raspberry.

For the third year, the PONT MI Public Benefit Association has been taking care of an 1800 meter squares large closed garden on the outskirts of Kétsoprony, consisting of two adjacent plots and a 5-minute bike ride from the center of the village. The purpose of the association is to preserve indigenous genetic resources, raise awareness of the planting of landscape varieties and to use them in the community.

On November 15, a handful of volunteers came together to carry out the planting. The union staff had dug up the planting pits the previous days and prepared them for planting with appropriate foliage and organic fertilizers. Shrubs were planted later in the day.

To replace the missing fence on the eastern side of the area, they have been planted primarily with sloe, which will in a few years completely enclose an area. In addition to attracting birds to the garden, it is also suitable for human consumption, for making jam and syrup.

After the November 15th planting, volunteers were greeted at the farm with roasted noodles using processed garden fruits (peach and plum jam) from the last year. A total of 40 volunteers participated in the works.

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