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We help the cities of Central Europe effectively tackle the effects of climate change, in particular with ever-growing heat waves and urban overheating by enhancing green infrastructure – greenery in all its forms and possible locations.

What does LIFE Tree Check offer

What can we do for you?

We will help you put your adaptation strategy into practice. We have experience with the implementation of adaptation measures, as well as the management of green infrastructure and investment processes at the city level. Contact us to know more.


In addition to consultant service and inspiration, we offer you the use of Tree Check Pro software for public space planning and the Tree Check App, an application for recognizing the cooling functions of trees.


How we work

Thoughtful plan and long-term strategy

It takes a well-thought-out plan and a long-term strategy to transform our towns and cities so that we can live comfortably there all year round. Therefore, based on the practice of a number of European cities, such as Vienna, Copenhagen or Hamburg, we propose the following procedure:

What do the strategies look like in some European cities?

Prague: Adaptation strategy
Reducing vulnerability of the Capital City of Prague, the Czech Republic, to climate change effects aiming at improving the environment for its inhabitants in future.
Warsaw: Adaptation strategy
The strategic document sets the directions for the spatial development and the budget of the city.
Vienna: Urban Heat Island Strategy
Vienna is one of the first cities in Europe to research the possible consequences of climate change and actions against heatwaves, and beyond this to develop this strategy with practical actions and set concrete initiatives.
Barcelona: Green infrastructure and biodiversity plan 2020
The greenery must be conceived as green infrastructure forming part and parcel of the city, serving an environmental and a social function.
Copenhagen: Climate adaptation plan
Outline the challenges the city faces in the short and medium terms, identify solutions that appear to be most appropriate, reveal the opportunities climate change may also present to the city.
Hamburk: Climate plan
Both methods and content. Brings together climate change mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
Do you need help with your strategy? Contact your adaptation expert
Mgr. Martin Ander, Ph.D.
Partnership Foundation
Expert on adaptation measures

What LIFE Tree Check will create

Current state analysis
We are trying to change several major Central European cities. It is natural that these cities and their national governments have different ideas and strategies for effectively dealing with climate change. That’s why an important part of our preparation is an analysis of the current state of urban adaptation. We focus on strategic approaches at the level of cities, regions and governments.

Finally, we want to know how people themselves perceive extreme weather caused by climate change and how they are ready to respond to it. And we are interested in whether it’s worth it, which is to say what the costs and benefits of adaptation projects are.

The analysis will take place in eight pilot cities in four participating countries. We are interested in the views of ordinary people and those who decide, plan or take care of green infrastructure (parks, tree alleys, green belts and more).
Mapping of stakeholders
Our interest is:
  • Who the key players are for the development of green infrastructure in cities.
  • What their skills, knowledge and needs are (including educational).
  • We will conduct controlled interviews with them in 8 pilot cities of 4 countries in Central Europe.

When will it be: 06 / 2019
Study of the initial situation
Our interest is:
  • The adaptation policies and strategies of cities in Central Europe.
  • Legislation, challenges and obstacles to adaptation and green infrastructure.
  • The breadth and diversity of current practices in the cities of Central Europe.
  • The attitudes and opinions of the public.
When will it be: 06 / 2019
Analyzing the effectiveness of different types of measures
Our interest is:
  • Whether buildings and projects contributing to urban cooling are more expensive than those that do not take the climate of the city into account?
  • Are their maintenance and operation prohibitively expensive?
  • How are they beneficial to urban populations? Can we objectively measure their contribution?
When will it be: 12 / 2019
Tree Check Pro™
Deciding how to reconstruct public spaces or develop a city district is not easy. Various needs and requirements enter the whole process. “Does not contribute to overheating the area” is just one of the perspectives.

Unfortunately, this is often neglected because the impact of such conceived measures on the quality of life in the city is not easily measurable.
Tree Check Pro™ Software
Should there be trees along streets and on squares? Should a tram line be concrete, grassed or covered with sedum? Does it make sense to support green roofs in a particular area or regulate the density of construction?

For all those hesitant about these questions, we will prepare an online tool to evaluate the benefits of greenery for urban cooling. Their decision-making will be based on objective prerequisites. This will make it possible to evaluate the “price-performance” ratio of a project that brings climate improvements to the city. 

When will it be: 12 / 2020 (pilot version)
Tree Check manual
For most people, thinking about urban development and the local microclimate is something new. Opening up horizons about what adaptation measures can be used in certain renovations, constructions, repairs and modifications: that’s the principal task of the Tree Check manual.

It offers inspiration for different environments, complex and very simple solutions or it warns of possible hazards and risks in implementation and maintenance.

It will simply be a primer for anyone who wants to learn how to think in the context of the impacts of climate change on our cities.

When will it be: 06 / 2020
Tree Check App™
Everyone feels it’s better for us to be under trees during the summer heat. But did you know that a fifty-year-old linden tree has a different effect on the local climate than perhaps a sycamore of the same age?

That you can’t tell the difference between a linden and sycamore tree? No problem, now there’s a mobile application that knows a lot about trees and bushes and can help you recognize them and understand their importance for everyday life in the city.>
Tree Check App™
This smart application can tell you what tree it is from a simple photograph in your mobile phone. In addition, it will estimate its age and measure how much oxygen it produces, how many degrees it cools down its surroundings and how much shade is provided by its crown.

To make this recognition even more fun for you and your children, you can use it to compete in searching for various normal and rare species of trees or in watering them. The reward for successful seekers and carers will be a surprise.

When will it be: 06 / 2020 (pilot operation)
A good city requires a good plan
Like any other difficult thing, adapting our cities to the effects of climate change requires a complex approach. It requires good quality analytical data, basic strategies and specific action plans for them.

But what is crucial is how these plans are put into practice. And more importantly to make sure they are really projected into the everyday life of the city.
Vulnerability analysis
Where are the impacts of climate change the most significant? Where are the greatest number of people affected? Where do these symptoms have the most devastating effects on the health of people and their quality of life? These are the questions the vulnerability analysis seeks to answer.

Processing large amounts of data makes it possible to pinpoint the areas under stress and the appropriate types of interventions and responses. The analysis therefore becomes the basis for additional strategic considerations. We will prepare a vulnerability analysis for the four pilot cities and generalize and share this experience with other councils and experts.
Strategic and implementation plans
Finding an effective solution to problems using data analysis: that is the main point of any strategy. Implementation plans then focus on finding concrete tools to bring the strategy to life. We will help our pilot cities proceed from general priorities up to concrete measures and projects.
Study of specific adaptation measures
We show that the steps contained in the implementation plans can commence very quickly. We then find space for effective adaptation measures in projects ready to go. Or we use measures that can be done immediately without complex any approval process.
Analysis of investment plans
Not even in the longer term is it necessary to wait for the dream adaptation project to come along. The investment plans of cities contain a large number of projects where it’s easy to include individual adaptation measures. By revealing this potential early enough, the adaptation element can become part of the project documentation. 
Education and communication is the key
None of us is omniscient and the sharing of new information and experience is always useful. We are therefore preparing a training cycle, which further explains:

● The issue of climate change and its impacts on the urban environment
● The phenomenon of the urban heat island
● Options on how to mitigate the impacts of urban climate change.
● Green infrastructure, its elements, opportunities and risks.
● Working with the tools we are creating in the project, especially Tree Check Pro.
For those who care and plan
For office workers, administrators of urban greenery, designers and architects, we will prepare in each of the pilot cities:
  • 2 field workshops.
  • 4 online webinars.
  • 1 expansion module online,
  • Video instructions for the Tree Check Pro software.
When will it be: 10 / 2020 – 12 / 2021
For those who decide
For those who decide on the development of our cities, we will prepare:
  • Round tables on the topic of green infrastructure and the urban heat island.
  • Individual consultations and information service.
  • Publication of Decision-Making in the Context of Climate Change and the Urban Heat Island.
When will it be: 2020-2021
Engaging the public
Our cities and their leaders are not alone in their battle with the impacts of climate change. In addition to its cooling effect, green infrastructure provides space for meetings, relaxation and entertainment. People care about them and we want to support them.
Community projects
Planting trees, modifying public spaces, planting and beautifying often engage local communities – groups of people who are not indifferent to where they live. We are happy to help these people in their efforts, providing them with grants and promoting their work, and we inspire others.
Adapterra Awards and database of good practice
Anyone not afraid to launch their own adaptation projects deserves praise. They have solved many problems and uncertainties, have overcome various difficulties, and can now say: We did it, our adaptation project is finished!

The Adapterra Awards, where a jury of experts chooses and honors the most interesting adaptation measures, are meant precisely for these people. Their projects will inspire others in the database of good practice.
We teach you how to communicate adaptation
Like any change in public areas, adaptation measures can induce contradictory responses. Sometimes it’s enough to get the public involved in planning and preparing these changes. Other times it helps to put concrete numbers on the table and explain the benefits for each and every member of the local population.

In some cases, it’s also necessary to refute long-standing and persistent myths, to explain misunderstandings and steel yourself with patience. We have been through it all. We can therefore help the pilot cities talk about adaptation plans and actions that will win over the public to their side.

When will it be: 2019-2021
We will not keep it to ourselves
The impacts of climate change in Central Europe are becoming an increasingly hot topic. People at all levels of society are paying attention to it: politicians, public authorities, experts, and all of us.

We would like to share everything we have discovered with them. We want to offer the most inspiring and innovative approaches across Europe and link them to those at the forefront of adaptation.
National cooperation
Although there are only eight large European cities among the pilot cities, we will share valuable information with candidates from cities and towns of all sizes. In addition to cities, we are aiming at the experts who influence the look and operation of our communities. And we must not forget the highest places, such as ministries, which set the key parameters of national planning.
Central European cooperation
The project is Central European in its focus. It seeks to create a platform for sharing and exchanging information in an area where strategy and technology have long been unable to develop as fast as in other parts of Europe. Besides the continuous sharing of good practice from across Europe, we will organize two attractive workshops: interactive conference.

These workshops will offer candidates personal acquaintance with those who support successful adaptation projects and with the risks, experience and practical information the creators of these projects have encountered.  
European and international cooperation
Whether we like it or not, whoever wants to work for European cities and is not in Brussels just doesn’t exist. And we are in Brussels! Our colleague there has his finger on the pulse of the times. He is in close contact with European and international institutions and initiatives such as the Climate Alliance, Covenant of Mayors, ICLEI and others.

You can find him at conferences, workshops and other events that keeps our theme moving forward.  
The grand finale of the project will be a closing conference in the European Parliament in cooperation with DG Envi and DG Regio.

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