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LIFE Tree Check

We help the cities of Central Europe effectively tackle the effects of climate change, in particular with ever-growing heat waves and urban overheating by enhancing green infrastructure – greenery in all its forms and possible locations.

What does LIFE Tree Check offer

What can we do for you?

We will help you put your adaptation strategy into practice. We have experience with the implementation of adaptation measures, as well as the management of green infrastructure and investment processes at the city level.

In addition to consultant service and inspiration, we offer you the use of Tree Check Pro software for public space planning and the Tree Check App, an application for recognizing the cooling functions of trees.


How we work

Thoughtful plan and long-term strategy

It takes a well-thought-out plan and a long-term strategy to transform our towns and cities so that we can live comfortably there all year round. Therefore, based on the practice of a number of European cities, such as Vienna, Copenhagen or Hamburg, we propose the following procedure:

What do the strategies look like in some European cities?

Prague: Adaptation strategy
Reducing vulnerability of the Capital City of Prague, the Czech Republic, to climate change effects aiming at improving the environment for its inhabitants in future.
Prague: Implementation plan 2020-2024
The plan is divided into seven main parts: starting points, description, projects, management structure, barriers and their elimination, monitoring and evaluation, financial settlement.
Warsaw: Adaptation strategy
The strategic document sets the directions for the spatial development and the budget of the city.
Vienna: Urban Heat Island Strategy
Vienna is one of the first cities in Europe to research the possible consequences of climate change and actions against heatwaves, and beyond this to develop this strategy with practical actions and set concrete initiatives.
Barcelona: Green infrastructure and biodiversity plan 2020
The greenery must be conceived as green infrastructure forming part and parcel of the city, serving an environmental and a social function.
Copenhagen: Climate adaptation plan
Outline the challenges the city faces in the short and medium terms, identify solutions that appear to be most appropriate, reveal the opportunities climate change may also present to the city.
Hamburk: Climate plan
Both methods and content. Brings together climate change mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
Do you need help with your strategy? Contact your adaptation expert
Ing. arch. Magdalena Maceková, Ph.D.
Partnership Foundation
Expert on adaptation measures

Adapt to climate change with LIFE Tree Check

Analysis of the current state of adaptations in Central Europe
It is natural that cities as well as their national governments have different ideas and different strategies for dealing effectively with climate change. Each city is unique. We therefore do not have a universal guide.

In order to help you with the transformation of your city, we analysed the current state of adaptations in 8 pilot cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants in 4 Central European countries - the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.
What did we come up with in LIFE Tree Check?

Study of the original situation
We were interested in:
  • Adaptation policies and strategies of cities in Central Europe.
  • Legislation, challenges and barriers to adaptation and green infrastructure.
  • The extent and diversity of current practice in Central European cities.
  • Public attitudes and opinions.
Download the report
We mapped the views of stakeholders
We conducted controlled interviews with stakeholders from 8 pilot cities in 4 Central European countries. We were interested in:
  • Who are the stakeholders in the development of green infrastructure in cities?
  • What are their competencies, knowledge, needs (including educational)?
Download the report
We analysed the efficiency of different types of measures
We were interested in:
  • Whether those buildings and projects that contribute to cooling in the cities are more expensive than those that do not take the city's climate into account.
  • Is it true, that their maintenance and operation are unbearably expensive?
Download the report
We will create tailor-made inspiration modules for the needs of professionals
None of us knows everything and new information and sharing of experiences is always useful. That is why we are preparing an educational programme for you, which will explain these topics in more detail:

● The issue of climate change and its effects in the urban environment.
● The phenomenon of the urban heat island.
● Options for mitigating the effects of climate change in cities.
● Green infrastructure, its elements, opportunities, and risks.
● Working with the tools we create in the project, especially Tree Check Pro.
For office workers, urban greenery managers, designers, and architects
For those responsible for managing and planning in each of the pilot cities, we are preparing:
  • 2 field workshops.
  • 4 online webinars.
  • 1 online extension module,
  • Video tutorial for Tree Check Pro software.
When: 7 / 2021

Webinars, an online expansion module and a video tutorial for the software will then be available for download or viewing.
For municipal council members
For those who decide on the development of our cities, we are preparing:
  • Round tables on the topics of green infrastructure and the urban heat island.
  • Individual consultations and information service.
  • Decision-Making in the Context of Climate Change and the Urban Heat Island brochure.
When: 2020 – 2021
Engage the public, speak to be understood
You are not alone fighting the effects of climate change. In addition to its cooling effect, the so-called green infrastructure also provides space for meeting, relaxation and entertainment. People care about it and we want to, together with you, support them.

However, it is important to speak in such a way that your efforts are understood by the laymen as well. We can help you with that.
What can you do:

Clever fun in the Tree Check App
We all feel that in the summer heat we feel better under the trees. But did you know that a 50-year-old lime tree has a different effect on the local climate than, for example, an equally old plane tree?

Oh, you can’t tell a lime tree from a plane tree? Do not worry, there's a mobile app that knows a lot about trees and shrubs. It will help you get to know them and realize their importance for everyday life in the city.

The smart application will tell you which tree it is just based on a photo from your mobile phone. It will also estimate its age and calculate how much water it evaporates, how much it cools its surroundings and how much shade its crown provides.

To make exploring even more fun for you and your children, it will be possible to compete in searching for various common and rare species of trees or in watering trees. What will be the reward for successful seekers and caregivers is a surprise.

When: 6 / 2021
More about the App
Community projects
Tree planting, landscaping and caring for the public spaces are often done by local communities - groups of people who are not indifferent to where they live. Support these people in their efforts, if possible, provide them with grants, make their activities visible and inspire others.

Get inspired by our Plants for the Future iniciative.
Plants for the Future
Adapterra Awards and database of good practice
All those who were not afraid and went for their own adaptation projects also deserve the award. They have solved many problems and ambiguities, overcome various difficulties, and can now say: We have it, our adaptation project is finished!

The Adapterra Awards is a competition intended for them, in which an expert jury selects and awards the most interesting adaptation measures. Their projects will inspire others in a database of good practice.
More about the contest
Talk to people about adaptations
Like any change in public space, adaptation measures can provoke conflicting reactions. Sometimes it is enough to involve the public in the planning and preparation of these changes. Sometimes it helps to put concrete numbers on the table and explain the benefits to the lives of each resident.
In some cases, it is also necessary to dispel myths over and over again, to explain misunderstandings and to be patient. We went through all that. That is why we will help you talk about adaptation plans and measures so that you always have the public on your side.
Do not waste your ideas
Just like any other complex matter, adapting cities to the effects of climate change needs a comprehensive approach. Quality analytical data, basic strategies and specific action plans are essential.

But the key is how these plans are put into practice. And it is even more important, that they are really reflected in everyday life in the city.

When submitting a project, do not forget to include adaptation measures in the requirements for the designer. The total cost of construction will increase slightly, but the inhabitants of your city will appreciate the new greenery and the city will be more pleasant to live in all year round.
How to proceed and what can we help you with

Vulnerability analysis
Where are the impacts of climate change most pronounced? Where do they affect the largest number of people? Where do these impacts have the most destructive effects on people's health and quality of life? These are the questions that the vulnerability analysis answers.

Processing a large amount of data will allow you to accurately identify painful areas and appropriate types of interventions and reactions. The analytical document will thus become the basis for further strategic considerations.

We are currently helping the four pilot cities to produce a vulnerability analysis and we will generalize and share the experience gained with you, other town halls and experts.
Strategic and implementation plans
Finding efficient solutions to problems with the help of data analysis: that is the main task of strategies. The implementation plans then focus on finding specific tools to implement the strategies.

We are currently helping our pilot cities to move from general priorities to specific measures and projects. We will be happy to help you with that as well.
Study of specific adaptation measures
We will show you that it is possible to start implementing the steps from the implementation plans very quickly. First by finding space in already prepared projects to supplement effective adaptation measures. Or we can make use of measures that can be implemented immediately without a complicated process of approval.
Investment plans analysis
Even in the longer term, it is not necessary to wait for the dream adaptation project. City investment plans contain many projects which could incorporate some adaptation measures very easily. It is only necessary to reveal this potential in time for the adaptation element to become part of the project documentation.

Do you need help with your analysis?
Contact us
Plan your public space easily and efficiently
Making decisions about how to renovate public spaces or develop a neighbourhood is not easy. Different needs and requirements enter the whole process.

"Not contributing to the overheating of the city" is just one of the possible perspectives. Unfortunately, often overlooked. This is partly because the impact of such measures on the quality of life in the city is not easily measurable.
This is what we are preparing to make your decision making easier for you

Tree Check Pro™ Software
Should there be trees in the streets and squares? Should the tram lane be concrete, grassed or covered with stonecrops? Does it make sense to support green roofs in a given area or to regulate the density of construction?

For those of you who cannot make a decision regarding these questions, we will prepare an online tool that will be able to evaluate the benefits of greenery for cooling the city in the long run. The software will also work with the growth rate of plants and trees.

Your decision whether, for example, to cut down an old tree somewhere and plant a new one will be based on objective expectations. Thanks to this, it will be possible to evaluate the "price-performance" ratio that the project will bring to improve the climate in the city.

When: 3 / 2021 (pilot version)
Reducing the Urban Heat Island Book
Thinking about the local microclimate when it comes to the development of the city is a new thing for most people. Opening horizons about when adaptation measures can be used for reconstructions, constructions, repairs, and modifications: this is the main task of our book. It will offer inspiration for various environments, complex as well as very simple solutions and point out possible obstacles and risks during implementation and maintenance.

It will simply be a cook book for all of you who want to learn to think in the context of the effects of climate change on our cities.

When: 7 / 2021
Show off
Have you managed to implement adaptation measures in your city? Don't keep it to yourself. Show it to us, other municipalities, but especially to your citizens. They will certainly be interested in the fact that you care about how we and our children will live in cities in the future.

Attend a conference, write an article in your local newsletter, organize a public final building approval or, for example, submit your project in the Adapterra Awards competition, which will bring it to the forefront of media attention.
Continue the path that has already been trodden by others
Don't waste time coming up with something someone else has already come up with. Get inspiration where adaptation measures are already working successfully.

For example, in the Inspirational database.
How do we do it in LIFE Tree Check

National Cooperation
Although our pilot cities are only eight large European cities, we will share valuable information with those interested in cities and towns of all sizes. In addition to cities, we also target professionals who influence the design and operation of our settlements. And we must not forget the highest places, such as ministries, which set the key parameters of national plans.
Central European Cooperation
Our project is Central European in focus. It seeks to create a platform for sharing and exchanging information in an area where for a long time strategies and technologies have not been able to develop as fast as in other parts of Europe.

In addition to constantly sharing good practice from all over Europe, we also have two attractive workshops on our agenda: interactive conferences. The first of them has already taken place and you can view its recording on the Adapterra Awards website. The other one is coming soon and will provide space to the participants to personally get to know the people behind successful adaptation projects and find out practical information, experience and risks faced by their creators.
European and International Cooperation
Like it or not, who wants to work for European cities just has to be in Brussels. And we are! Our colleague in Brussels has the task of keeping his finger on the pulse of the topic. He is in close contact with European and international institutions and initiatives such as the Climate Alliance, the Covenant of Mayors, ICLEI and others. You can find him at conferences, workshops and other events that move our topic forward.
The grand finale of the project will be the final conference in the European Parliament in cooperation with DG Envi and DG Regio.

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