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When the city burns

The sun hovers over the asphalt of the street, the hot air radiating from the walls of nearby homes simply won’t go away. You can’t sleep at night nor open the windows during the day. Going somewhere means a desperate search for any sliver of shade. Life in the city is becoming unbearable. Does this sound familiar?

die from the heat every day during the heat waves

days of tropical heat can be expected every year

°C is realistic for the asphalt on our streets

Why is the city unfit to live in?

Why is the city unfit to live in? Our cities and their inhabitants have found themselves involuntarily trapped on a heat island....

What’s happening to our cities?

Urban temperatures are several degrees higher than in the surrounding countryside; scientists call this effect “heat island”. It is caused by a large concentration of buildings, people and cars, lots of asphalt and concrete surfaces, and not enough greenery or water. Climatic extremes like heat waves are much more pronounced in these areas than anywhere else.

What can we do about it?

We can’t change the weather. But the way our cities look – yes. Our cities can undergo a transformation that will make them pleasant places to live in all year round. And each of us can be a part of it. 

LIFE Tree Check is here to help with the transformation of our cities.

How can you cool down your city?

Take care of watering the trees in your area during hot temperatures
Save drinking water and use rainwater for watering them
Plant trees, shrubs, and grow your own vegetables in a personal or community garden
When renovating your roof, rebuild it to the living roof

What can politicians do in your city

Plant more trees in the streets and create green belts and green wedges along the roads
Transform the walls of houses into green facades
Protect the greenery and create new concrete roads only if necessary
Build green roofs, especially in city centers
When building parking lots, include a patchwork of lawns
Create infrastructure that does not force rainwater into a canal
Build new water features such as drinking fountains, ponds or streams
Shade the playgrounds, hiking trails and public benches

What does LIFE Tree Check offer

A smart app for everyone

Imagine you know every tree. And you know how much oxygen it makes and how many degrees it cools down a hot street. That’s going to be possible thanks to the Tree Check App. It will recognize a specific species of plant just from a photograph, quantify its contribution to the climate of the city, and get everyone involved in a playful way in taking care of urban greenery.

An assistant for easier planning

Overheated cities need more greenery, more trees and rows of trees, parks and green belts along roads. The website planner Tree Check ProTM makes it easy to decide which places make sense and need the most help. It is able to give an advance assessment of the impact of projected investments in green infrastructure on the microclimate of the city. It facilitates qualified decisions about the most appropriate form.

Inspiration and best practices

Learn by example, one of the oldest truths. We are looking for specific large and small projects across Europe, a unique combination of measures and new procedures and technologies to help cities cope with extreme temperatures. Anyone who desires to save their city from overheating will find inspiration with us.

Become part of a movement that changes our cities

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