Pawel Binkiewicz  29. 4. 2019

The next edition of the campaign “Clean and Green Wałbrzych” took place last weekend.

Five thousand more trees and shrubs for Wałbrzych.

On Saturday, April 27, the residents of Wałbrzych cleaned the city, planted trees, shrubs and flowers. In total, over 5 thousand seedlings including pine, forsythia, spiraea and roses found their new place in ten locations throughout the city.

The action was initiated by the Municipal Office in Wałbrzych but it was attended by not only officials, but also representatives of various companies and institutions, sportsmen, parliamentarians and, above all, young people: everyone could take part in the action.

Previous editions have focused mainly on cleaning up the city space. However, recent editions place more and more emphasis on the greening of undeveloped and abandoned areas.

More information in Polish.


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