Marta Tokarska  6. 5. 2019

Wałbrzych says “stop” to the rubble and concrete squares

Wałbrzych says "stop" to the rubble and concrete squares in places after demolished buildings.

From now on, the city will plant greenery there. The city still builds new apartments but in places that are not suitable for renovation, it will create squares with strong accents of the greenery.

This is a part of the offensive focused on green areas recovery. It also applies to the surroundings of roads and places where previously was a need to cut down diseased trees.

„We care for the green lungs of Wałbrzych.“

Michael Liguz, a city gardener

The new greenery will appear throughout the city. The surroundings of the former "Sudety" Hotel will become a rose bed and at Konopnicka Street flowerbeds will be made. On Piaskowa Góra, which is a large living city district, to isolate buildings from the noise, there will be trees along the road lanes.

All this leads to the change in the overall view of the city. An old industrial area, often with degraded infrastructure and environment, change into living friendly area which wants to use the advantages of nature.


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