Volunteers planting an apple tree in the garden. Spring 2019

Andrea Křivánková  18. 2. 2020

Apple Garden Museum Kořenec

The garden of the museum used to be a little-used, freely accessible grassy area with a spring. Thanks to the employees and volunteers, old apple tree varieties were returned to the garden, a water surface, and a rain flower bed were created.

Besides the eco-friendly revitalization, the garden now attracts visitors with green play features, utility elements such as a game table, relaxation nooks, small elements for wildlife, and artistic creations.

The place, which used to be fallow, has become a gentle and varied environment for meeting and individual recreation, a place for programs with children, and a refuge for museum visitors.

The garden became a place of community life. Autumn 2019

The municipality Kořenec created:

a pond 16-meter squares large
a flowery meadow 22-meter squares
a spring flower bed 4-meter squares
7 meters of a two-story wall
3 meters long support wall at the lake
a round wall around the central tree with a diameter 1.2 meter
an infiltration wall by the lake 16-meter squares
a green hornbeam building – 4 meters long (2 teepees connected by a corridor)
3 raised flower beds (2-meter squares each)
The municipality also bought furniture – a game table and 13 benches.

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